Coronavius update

How it works

Booking is now essential for indoor painting and a deposit is required when booking.

We have also had to make a lot of changes to 'how we work' to allow us to operate indoor painting again! Please see below -

Please understand that as we are now only permitted to have 12 customers total on board , we have also had  increase our studio fee and also introduce a non-crafter fee to make it financially viable to operate.

Each crafter pays a Studio Fee of £4 plus the cost of the item you pick an item to decorate. Items are individually priced but most items we hold in stock are £6-8.

Sessions last 1 hr 30 mins.

The studio fee covers the use of paint, and varnish. Plus each crafter will also receive one 1oz tub of foam clay, and strips of gems on request. Additional foam clay tubs are charged 50p each. 

Unfortunately we are no longer allowed customers to help themselves to foam clay and gems, or to use hair driers. All shared resources are now restricted and items have to be requested from a member of staff. 

Please understand we will only be able to accommodate a max capacity of 6 customers in total in any one booking (except for parties). Also, we may need to limit bookings consisting of just 2 customers to ensure we reach near full capacity. I'm afraid we would have to do this to make it financially viable to operate.


We have also introduced a restriction of only two non-crafters attending with each booking. There will be no charge for the first non-crafter but a charge of £3 will be added for an additional non-crafting wishing to attend. This is to help with the running costs of the business during this difficult time.


Our booking slots will last 1 hr 30 mins max and will be staggered at 15 min intervals for arrival and leaving times to limit congestion and close contact for different groups within the boat. 


We would ask, if possible, to have a browse on our website prior to coming to your booking. It would be ideal if you have made a choice on what you would like to decorate in advance as this will limit the time spent choosing from our stock on board which will give you more time to decorate your masterpiece!

If you would like to book to paint on board - please get in touch by email, text, phone or via social media as we don't have an online booking system as we need to arrange bookings depending on size of group etc. 

We are looking forward to having you on board with us again! xx

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